The 4 Plus 2 Format

This 12-Week Coaching Program gently walks you through my 4 Plus 2 Format. This gives you a strong foundation for your healing journey so that healing begins to work for you!

This is a good fit for you, if:

  • You’ve done some therapy or counseling stuff already.

  • You aren’t in a current crisis or mental health crisis.

  • You want a long-term solution and you’re prepared to work to get it.

  • You’re willing to make coaching calls a priority in your life.

You might not be ready, if:

  • You’ve never done any therapy or counseling.

  • You’re currently in a crisis or mental health crisis.

  • You want a quick-fix or someone who can fix you.

  • You aren’t ready to look at the parts of yourself that make you feel uncomfortable.

Do you need this program?

Here are the red-flags that could point to you really needing this program:

  • The first red-flag is feeling flooded with emotions like panic or rage when triggered that cause you to loose the ability to focus, feel an urgent need to say and do things that are very unlike your usual self. And afterwards often not even understand why you did or said things or why you got so upset.

    Some examples of these triggers could include a loud noise, a sudden shock, an experience of feeling vulnerable or nervous, an emotional hurt like being criticized, overlooked, or rejected.

  • A second red-flag is missing or inadequate boundaries. You’ll know a boundary is missing when you are struggling with feelings of guilt, resentment, anger, jealousy, irritation or annoyance. Especially anger, irritation and annoyance - these are your missing boundary sirens.

  • A third red-flag is an unsupportive inner critic that makes you feel unworthy / hopeless / damaged / etc.

If you are experiencing one of these red-flags, then YES, you need this program!

I truly believe it really helps to work on these things with someone like myself who has overcome these things and brings hope to the table and can tell you, “You can do this, because I could!”

Book your consultation.

You’ll be amazed how benefitial even one chat will be!

This is what I help you do:

In my 1:1 coaching, I gently push you to find out what you need, where you’re struggling, and if any of the things I know can help you (and we’re honest with each other if we decide there isn’t!).

You’ll learn:

  1. A whole new way of looking at your choices, problems, and situations. We tackle confidence in this section - not self-esteem, but the ability to feel capable! We’ll also check on gratitude in your life because it’s life’s secret weapon!

  2. To control self-talk and thought stories. We look at your perception and make sure the stories you are telling yourself aren’t nonsense. You’ll also learn here to give yourself permission to grieve what you’ve lost. This is an emotional process, and while we won’t focus on your pain (we focus on solutions and plans), you may have some teary-eyed ‘aha’ moments.

  3. To implement plans to deal with triggers and learn Self-Regulation. We find out what triggers are getting in your way and build the Self-Regulation skills and strategies you need in your life to manage your emotions. This will also uncover what is supporting you in your healing and what might be making it more tough.

  4. To identify holes in your boundaries and how to set boundaries. We gently open your heart to love by building real, healthy, loving boundaries.

Plus two optional sections with optional add-on pieces:

  1. We make sure you have the support in your life you need. There’s always a way to build a support network - I’m an eternal optimist on this! An optional additional section here is to check on God in your life.

  2. We check on forgiveness in your life - are you holding any unforgiveness to yourself. An optional additional section here is to check on if you’re holding unforgiveness to others too.

In our 12 weeks of one-on-one work together, you’ll get:

  • 12, hour-long 1:1 calls with me (spread out for optimal integration, so you have time to practice what you learn with support) - valued at $540

  • WhatsApp support between calls for the 12 weeks (up to 15 minutes of text support per week for up to 12 weeks!) - valued at $240

  • 10 thought-provoking jotters to download, print out and push yourself further - valued at $155

  • PLUS! Bonus 1:1 call with me 1 or 2 months after you finish your 12th call to reinforce revelations, discuss your progress and obstacles, plus give you accountability for the path that you have chosen and want for your life - valued at $45

Total value = $980

Price you pay = Pay-What-You-Want*

*Life coaching usually costs between $75-$100 per consulation, but with Lynda you decide how much you want to pay. A guide is to pay about 1-3% of your monthly income per consultation.

Yes, I want this!

You’ll be amazed how benefitial even one chat will be!

Frequently Asked Questions.

“I’ve tried everything. How do I know this is going to work for me?”

If you’ve tried everything, it tells me that you’re more ready than ever. It also tells me that those other things have not really been able to give you the hope, courage and firmness you’ve needed to pull you out of this hole. Most other healing options focus on the pain, the trauma, the problems and solutions for those - with me we don’t do that. If we’re in a call I take it as a given that you’ve had pain and I’ve also had pain, so I don’t need to dig down into your pain to know what that feels like or how hard it is. Looking closer at your pain isn’t what you need (that’s for counselling and therapy!). You need to look closer at what you need to accept to move forward and especially at where you have gaps where you didn’t learn something, or didn’t realize something, or didn’t develop something because of unclear or violated boundaries, trauma and pain. That’s what actually heals - building the boundaries and learning to regulate your emotions. That makes you capable of managing yourself. Few other healing options focus in hard on boundaries, Self-Regulation and helping you to retrain yourself - and that is exactly what I do!

“How do I know I need boundaries?”

That’s a great question! If many or all of these are true for you, you highly likely need to fill in gaps because of unclear or missing boundaries.

Do you have too few boundaries and struggle with setting boundaries:

  • Do you try hard to do what others want or need?

  • Do you answer “yes” when you want to say “no”?

  • Do you try to ignore how overwhelmed and tired you actually feel?

  • Do you often feel taken advantage of by people?

  • Do you often trust people too soon?

  • Do you often give too much in relationships?

  • Do you ever avoid people or relationships because you can’t say “no”?

Do you have over-the-top “boundaries” that you try to protect yourself with:

  • Do you often say “no” because it’s easier than saying “yes”?

  • Are you often rigid and inflexible?

  • Do you keep most people at a distance?

  • Do others experience you as insensitive, abrasive or scary?

  • Do you struggle to trust people?

  • Do you often end up with anger issues?

Do you avoid feelings to try to protect yourself:

  • Do you get swept away by your emotions?

  • Do you avoid difficult emotions?

  • Do difficult emotions overwhelm you?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable when your emotions are different to other people’s?

  • Do you do things to take your mind off of yourself?

  • Do you prefer to try be “invisible”?

  • Do your emotions sometimes feel paralyzing and even feel numbing or hysterical?

Do you over do things to avoid thinking about yourself:

  • Have you lost yourself in all the weird relationships, bad relationships, broken relationships, and too-intense relationships, maybe even abusive relationships?

  • Do you have a weird relationship with risk-taking and control, and you’re not sure why?

  • Do you move quickly in relationships?

  • Do you overextend yourself socially?

  • Do you struggle to set limits for yourself?

If you struggle with any points on these lists, I’m here to help you. I’ve been there and I’ve conquered many these and I’m here to help you do that too!

“I’m not ready to set goals, plan and all the things life coaches want me to do?”

Yes, I know! I was exactly the same. That’s why with me, we don’t get hung up on what you aren’t ready for yet or on what you’re not sure about. As we find the pieces that need filling in, in your retraining, your Self-Regulation and in your boundaries, it’s going to take you from the broken person who can feel there’s something missing to having all those gaps filled in. And that is going to give you the clarity that none of the other things you have tried before could give you.

So when you get to the end, you can look at plans and goals, but only once you are feeling much more whole and are ready to do it!

“Can I change my mind and ask for a refund?”

Yes! The Coaching42ForYou ‘no questions asked guarantee’ means that if within the first 7 days from your first call with Lynda, you decide that it is not for you, we’ll refund you. There will be no refunds before your first call with Lynda. You may request a refund within the first 7 days only and requests must be submitted by 11:59pm 7 days from your first coaching call with Lynda. After that there will be no refunds.

“I’m SO busy. Will I even have the time to do this?”

This is a very good question! To get the most from this 12 week program, you will need to prioritize the calls and in-between calls you’ll need to take action! But, you don’t need to get worried about this because the changes I will be asking you to make are more about shifting your mindset than about adding tasks to your to-do list. And, I meet you where you are at, and customize what you need to do in-between calls as much as possible to fit the time you have available.

“I don’t want to talk about my issues - will this still work for me?”

Yes! We work together on where you are at now, not on your past. However, if there are things in your life that are getting in the way of you living, thriving and having everything that you want - then I will push you to help you to get what you want. But, this is not something to worry about, you decide what you want - I’m here to help you get to what you want. So yes, absolutely!

“What actually happens when I click the Click here… button?”

  • 1st you might get asked to prove you’re human (click on boats or bicycles to prove you aren’t a robot).

  • 2nd you’ll get taken to to book a call with me.

  • 3rd you’ll choose a date and time that suits you and book it (you can choose your time zone under the calender).

  • 4th we’ll have our 60 minute call on Zoom and chat about what you’re wanting, how to pay (Pay-What-You-Want) and begin coaching.

  • 5th you’ll decide if you want to continue, you’ll pay and we’ll begin our coaching journey together!

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More questions?

I’m Lynda Wright, a certified life coach living in Cape Town, South Africa. I help fix unstable emotions so you can become the confident, capable and courageous person you are meant to be! Get in touch:

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