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I don’t want you to spend as long searching for answers as I did.

We’ve heard again and again about positive self-talk, but somehow it’s just not that simple. In my free video training you’ll learn 1 of the skills from my 4 Plus 2 Format and why positive self-talk by itself doesn’t work. You’ll also learn how to talk back to your thoughts and your inner critic so that it really begins to work.

In the free training you’ll learn:

  • ONE big secret that can finally make all your effort to silence your inner critic begin to really work

  • Why positive self-talk and affirmations aren't working for you

  • THREE practical ways to apply this to make massive gains in silencing your inner critic, taming your self-talk and finally getting a handle on your thoughts

Here’s the basic 4 Plus 2 Format.

You need to learn to accept 4 things - - I call them skills because you can learn every single one of them step-by-step. And there’s 2 that are optional, but recommended.

And with each skill you learn, you will gain more and more control of your unstable emotions.

Let’s jump straight in and learn about 1 skill with the FREE training I want to email to you right now.

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Learn to control your self-talk and thought stories - so your thinking really begins to work FOR you!

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More questions?

I’m Lynda Wright, a certified life coach living in Cape Town, South Africa. I help fix unstable emotions so you can become the confident, capable and courageous person you are meant to be! Get in touch:

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