You get to Pay-What-You-Want!

Yes, you decide how much you want to pay Lynda.

How much does it cost to work with Lynda?

Life coaching usually costs between $75-$320 per consulation, but with Lynda you decide how much you want to pay. This is genuine, you pay from the heart.

What is the minimum I can pay?

You genuinely get to decide how much you want to pay.

A guide is to pay about 1-3% of your monthly income per consultation. This ensures you value it and work hard.

If you earn very little - that is fine. Genuinely!

How do I pay?

You pay via PalPal here, or ask Lynda for banking details to pay via EFT.

When must I pay?

You must pay after your consulation with Lynda (and before your next consulation). If you prefer paying monthly or once-off, that is also 100% fine!

Book your consulation now!


Judy said:

“It made such a huge impact on my emotional state and has helped me to focus on what I really want.

Anyone who works with Lynda in future is going to find that it is a life-changing process.”

Natalie said:

Since working with Lynda I have set better boundaries in my relationships, which has defined the behaviour that I am not okay with in my relationships. This has subsequently led to healthier relationships (and in some instances, the end of toxic ones).

I've also learned the importance of balance in my life, which includes self-care and the importance of saying "no".

This has considerably improved my mental health.”

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More questions?

I’m Lynda Wright, a certified life coach living in Cape Town, South Africa. I help fix unstable emotions so you can become the confident, capable and courageous person you are meant to be! Get in touch:

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